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Julio Iglesias is 77 today
8 months ago 0
Julio Iglesias is 77 todayJulio José Iglesias de la Cueva is a Spanish singer, songwriter and former professional footballer.
Larisa Dolina is 65 today
9 months ago 0
Larisa Dolina is 65 today Russian singer Larisa Dolina is 65 today. Dolina's musical career began in 1971 in the performance group "My Odessity" (We are Odessa Natives). Dolina began a solo career in 1985, working with the Leningrad based composer Viktor Reznikov.
French composer Jean-Michel Jarre is 72 today
9 months ago 0
French composer Jean-Michel Jarre is 72 today Jean-Michel Jarre is a French composer, performer and record producer.
Alexey Rybnikov is 75 today
10 months ago 0
He is the author of music for Soviet and Russian musicals (rock-operas) Star and Death of Joaquin Murrieta and Juno and Avos (shown more than 700 times), for numerous plays and operas, for more than 80 Russian movies. More than 10 million discs with his music have been sold to 1989.
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